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November 16, 2003
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November 15, 2003
Iran, soccer and terror!
There are rumors saying Iran is a Terrorist country and supports Terror, but it is not true, and I have proofs.
Iran doesn’t consider terror and do not believe in its existence in the country, therefore there is no need for searching or controlling people for guns and explosive materials. Searching people for this matter is an action with no consideration about their reputations and personalities. However checking people for video cassettes, audio cassettes, cds, alcoholic beverages, and clothes or even the hair style, is just for their safety due the psychological and cultural war against USA. Iran is a victim of Terror and the recent event is a proof as the firecracker landed near North Korean players at Wednesday's return leg between Iran and North Korea in Tehran; as a result Iran might be penalized for not searching people and it faces being banned from hosting international football matches. As long as Iran is concerned, there is no need to search people for firecrackers or even bombs; there is no need to go after people who were responsible for that event, there is no need to go after shooters to Britain Embassy which took place few months ago. The world supports Iran since no one, no country put Iran under pressure for having the responsible groups arrested; Great Britain did release Mr. Hadi Soleimanpour according to the personal demand from prime minister. So when international organizations and political figures have documents and believe that Iran is innocent, why others are trying to ruin this identity?
Here, I have to mention that there are still some concerns in Iran and government put strong demands on searching people such as: people who drinks or listen to certain kind of music or playing an instrument, people who has dogs or cats, men who has long hair and women who has short hair, people who has audio and video cassettes, people who reads foreigner’ magazine and newspaper, people who surf internet more that 30 minutes per day, poets, writer, Noble Prize winners….

November 14, 2003
Contractors! Volunteers! Muslim People are awake.
Today’s Friday worship was kind of especial, it was held at the Tehran Mosalla. Ayatollah Khamenei –supreme leader pf Iran- delivered this ceremony. He claimed the major thing in Islam is Palestine. He kind of forgot the whole problem and insiders dilemmas in Iran and he accused United States of America to be responsible for the gap between the people and governors in Iran. He also encouraged the anti American anger in Middle East and he considered the Bush’s policy as a failure. I was kind of amazed of the crowd, then I looked at the images and I notices most of them are rural class who were sent to Tehran for this ceremony. The fact is there are still many people in Iran who are supporting hardliners, they are armed and it is kind of possible for the rest to go against them. However the Arabic countries like Algeria or Sudan are sending troop to Tehran as an anti riot force, you can see them in Tehran. The reason for importing the force from Arabic countries is the lesson they got from Iran’s military during the revolution, they noticed that Iranian soldiers can barely kill their own country fellows. “U.S. troops are being slapped in the face every day by Iraqis,” he added and made the heroic images of the Iraqis who killed about 2 millions Iranian people during Iran-Iraq war. I am sure even Iraqis are confused now that they were condemned and invaders before and now they are heroes.
Khamenei also used his mosque sermon to defend Iranian hard-line authorities who have cracked down on reformist publications, saying U.S. backers in Iran are seeking to use the country's press to bring down the ruling Islamic establishment. He also accused reformist journals provoking a psychological war against Iran to get paid by US or voluntarily.
Last thing I want to mention is his Palestinian shawl was not set like his usual appearance and he tried to hide it in the back as you see in the picture.
Note: Our forein policy is improving everday as OUR leader said: "Who the hell are they to talk about democracy when Americans have occupied Iraq against the nation's will" in his today's speech.

petition for Ahmad Batebi
Dear readers, if you know Ahmad Batebi (you can find some info about him on my page) is you think you can spare tow minutes to sign the petition, please do so by clicking here.
You can listen to his father’s voice regarding his son’s kidnapping by clicking here.
And aslo you can find more article and lates news about him by...........
OH! Really?? we have plutonium? kidding me!
I was reading an article by Mr. Hosein Derakhshan today; he thinks that our president was not aware of possessing plutonium by his own country. Well I guess that was not the case and our president was certainly aware of it. What we see every day, in newspaper, on line, in TV is not the clear image of the whole political issues going through a government; Mr. President actually blamed the UN report few days ago and accused their report to be intentional. His conservatism politic at least helped him survived for 7 years to generate secular and pluralistic idea in Iran and express them in the whole world; hid ideas are honored by countries like Turkey. For us-Iranian people- well, we have a great history in the future but now we to struggle with the down warding economic system (hunger) and extremely religious justice system (lack of freedom). I am sure that Mr. President has his own icons in the system to show some action like his brother or Mr. Hajjarian.
In a country, a president has the control or at least knowledge of the major and parallel systems.

I am not the leader of women, I do not want to be.... please leave me alone.
Shirin Ebadi who has recently won the peace Noble prize is now tired of the whole raising tumult with journalists and photographers. She said that she would continue her works through human rights and its issues, not feministic propagandas. She strongly claimed that she was not female’s leader.
She said in an interview with Emrooz News website that women rights is under influence of patriarchy’s culture in Iran; like before revolution there were 100 female judge practicing in the justice system, but in Islamic Iran they do not allow to work as judge. The reason beyond that: women are unstable and emotional and suffering menstruation affects their mood and mental order. She conservatively sent her regards to Iran’s Islamic justice system and appreciating the revolutionary existence of to women in the whole system as the consultants in appeal courts.
She believed that Islam should have a soft interpretation due to the time and place and she referred to Islamic scholars in Iran who are working on this issue these days, so in this interview she did not see any problem with the Islam, in fact she blamed the mannish perspective to laws in Islam as she referred to the mulct (blood-money) which for females are half of the males and she blamed the Iran’s parliament which passed it as a law. “Ayatollah Saanei is a great scholar in Islam and he also claimed that blood-money should be equal for men and women, and no one can doubt ayatollah Saanei’s level of divine science! Because he was directly chosen by Ayatollah Khomeini as a chief of judiciary system after revolution!!!” she added.
I put an interview of Ayatollah Saanei on this blog on November 8th 2003 which I recommend it to you to read.
“I don’t blame men directly at this point, I believe it is the culture. When I say patriarchic culture, I do not mean men directly, because even though women are victims of this culture, they are playing a major role to generate this culture” she replied when she was asked if she was against men. She made an example of hemophilia disease which generating through female chromosomes (XX) to the male offspring (XY). So she considers the culture as a disease, female carrier and male affected and affecting others. Interestingly enough she did not blame this disease on religion and Islam, but she forgot that she mentioned at the beginning of the interview she said the Islamic revolution had negative impacts on women right such as the ability to practice on the justice system as judges for females. She claims Islam has the equality message to all human being.
I have to add that Mrs. Ebadi has been practicing law for about 30 years and she has about 11 books published world-wide, but she is absolutely taking no responsibilities on political issues and try to avoid them in her life. Well, that’s up to her, but giving credits to some matters land system that is now under question in the whole world would give this impression that she is working and fighting for nothing, if she thinks that after revolution women rights becomes a dilemma how she wants to solve it in the revolution. It seems to me that she can see the end, nothing would change in this country and we will be all slavers to this religious system.

November 12, 2003
Who is responsible for Ahmad Batebi's life? International organization or Our Islamic Justice System?
Mr. Ahmad Batebi who is (a student) in jail for his major role (as they say) in street protest four years ago has disappeared after meeting a senior United Nations Official in Tehran as his father’s reported.
How he was convicted? In 1999, student protest, a student with bloody shirt of an injured friend got attention of one photographer and his photo published worldwide, since Iran’s government reads foreigner’s journals, they saw this picture and they arrested this poor guy, he was accused of endangering national security. He was originally sentenced to death but later reduces to 10 years jail time after an appeal and worldwide petition. Now another foreigner factor has added the spice to his situation and he was kidnapped after meeting Mr. Ligabo. It is very obvious that judiciary officials are involved to this kidnapping since chief of the Iran judiciary system –Ayatollah Namazi- has recently accused the human rights officials from UN as threads to Iran and called them shameless people.
The point is if government‘s official ask the international organizer to have a visit from Iran’s jails, but they did not mean they could guarantee prisoners safety after any interview, a fellow like Batebi is a victim of our ridiculous international affairs, it is well known that we –Iranian people- are paying for any international pressure on Iran’s government. Yet it is important to make a note that we all see the need of their presence in Iran since there is no other way to negotiate with these Islamic fundamentalists.

November 11, 2003
Ganji, 14 months without even one day leave
Mr. Akbar Ganji, who is Evin Jain in Iran, refused to be silent in order to have tow days leave form prison. He was proposed by one of the Islamic Justice system that if he continues the silence the two days leave will be renewed. According to EMROOZ site, Ganji replied: “If you give me two days leave, it is my right and I will use it however I want to, I do not accept any condition and obligation.” Therefore his leave days is now declined by the Islamic judiciary system after 14 months.
A word with Mr. Powell
Should they be worried? Does morning follow the night? These are the question Mr. Powell mentioned at his speech yesterday concerning Iran and pressure on democracy in Iran. He said that democracy is advancing in Islamic countries and you know the example is Saudi Arabia or Iraq and he made an example of Afghanistan. Funny thing is he thinks that democracy was a gift to Afghans by USA’s attack ousted the Taliban regime. Powell did not reject this idea that united states are being tested in those countries. “This is a test we must and will win” he added. There are lots of issues to discuss but as far as I am concerned I would like to write some thing to his address:

Dear Mr. Powell.
Regrettably the democracy that you are talking about-wanted back by Iranian people- is under question. We all want to know (as youngster) who was the responsible to take it away? We are sure that a Sheikh like Ruhollah Khomeini had no power at that point to stand against regime, as his best friend –Ayatollah Khalkhali- wrote in his autobiography he wanted to stand up for sheikh’s rights and financial resources which was just cut down by Shah’s regime, he would not think he would have the country instead of the some amount of money for people who were studying Fighh and Shariat in Qom- the holy city. As he said in his speeches: “we have nothing to do with politics.” And he always mentioned before getting to power that Sheikhs can not be politicians. So who is responsible here? Under what circumstance USA did not reply to Shah’ phone calls asking for help (as Mr. Naraghi says)?
Mr. Powell! We all know that the superior power for revolution in Iran was United States of America as we can see the history repeats in Iraq, at that period supporting Islamic group like Hezbollah (leading byt Khomeini) was not out of the question since neo-socialistic movements would be down by Islam’s existence.
Mr. Powell! Now it is kind of late to talk about these issues and believe you me we are not here to blame each other. But for now, as an Iranian I want to ask you and your kind government that please, for god’s sake, do not make such speeches any more, please leave democracy alone in Iran, because after your speeches we can see the increasing pressure exponentially. I am sure you are aware of the political movements in Iran and you are aware of how sensitive this USA is as a word, it has the very negative impact on our improvements and democracy.
Mr. Powell! Please make sure that we are much different than Afghans and Iraqis and we have this political ability and many intellectual scholars (here at home) leading us having a democratic country, yes Mr. Powell we can make our country without your help. We will defeat this pressure.

Regard, a student form Iran
November 10, 2003
Middle East scholars honors Saeed Razavi-Faghih
He certainly deserves such prize after all he suffered. You know Iran has the ability to raise such intellectuals and of course governments are playing a big role, if they did not put him in jail for months that would be able to notice his existence? Really, at this point we have to thank Islamic republic to give us this chance. What would you think the guy or fellows like him do at the solitary confinement? They think and generate ideas and new ideologies and isms and so on.
I put the letter from Middle East scholars honor Iranian student leader- Mr. Saeed Razavi Faghih.
I will try to find out more about his biography and later I will post it.

For more information, contact:
Amy Newhall, MESA executive director: +1 520 621 5850
Joe Stork, chair, Committee on Academic Freedom: + 202 299 4925

(Anchorage, ALASKA., November 7, 2003) – The Middle East Studies Association of North America is pleased to present the MESA Academic Freedom Award for 2003 to Saeed Razavi-Faqih for his courageous and persistent efforts to promote the integrity and autonomy of Iran’s universities in the face of pressures and attacks from the state.
At an awards ceremony at the organization’s 37th annual meeting in Anchorage on Friday evening, the organization also cited Razavi-Faqih’s vigorous advocacy on behalf of Iranian professors and intellectuals jailed and persecuted for their beliefs and opinions.
“Saeed Razavi-Faqih has worked tirelessly as a writer and as an organizer, at great risk to himself, to defend the basic right to freedom of opinion and freedom of expression in Iran,” said Amy Newhall, MESA’s executive director. “This award represents our recognition of the importance of his efforts for the free exchange of information and ideas in Iran and the Middle East.”
Saeed Razavi-Faqih, 38, is a doctoral student in philosophy at Tehran’s Tarbiat Modaress University, where he also lectures. He has been a prominent student leader and a frequent columnist in the Iranian press, where he has taken up the cause of professors like Hashem Aghajari, who had been sentenced to death for advocating religious and political reform in the country.
Razavi-Faqih was arrested himself on July 10 and held for 78 days, much of that time in solitary confinement and undergoing relentless interrogation, for his speeches protesting the government’s repressive measures.

A Woman with the half body of tiger
Yesterday a riot started in Qom, the holy city in Iran, by a picture published in city. There was a rumor that a woman has torn off Koran and half of her body turned to be a tiger. So Muslim people that majority of them were working class level, came to streets and demanding this woman’s- half tiger half human- death. Police declined the validity of this news, but people who were so excited and energetic did not believe the police and continuing to their riotous movement. At last after damaging few banks and buildings, these people calmed down and went home for supper. This is really something….
November 09, 2003
Dr. Mohammad-Reza Khatami, who is he anyway?
Mohammad-Reza Khatami who is the president and spokesman of Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF) suggested hearkening to other’s ideas and point of views. In today’s ceremony for free speech’s consideration he claimed: “Our problem is now despotism, to change the current situation we have to be strong, hearken to other’s opinion, but it could be pricy.” He said: “lack of Aghajari in society has emotional influences on us. If we want to propound people like Aghajari in Iran, we could never do this job better that the judge who put Aghajari in jail. In this decade these judges’ actions were benefiting the democracy in society. Despite all pressure people did not lose encourage and they are indeed improving.”
He added: “It is important now to keep going, do not get discourage, do not get involve with aversion, even with our enemies.” He continued: “what some people are doing by the name of Islam is not acceptable.” Then he said that people will win this battle in future indeed, but he described future and pricy and some how far. He finally said: “Obviously there is no one paying attention to our word and remarks.”
You might be thinking who the heck this guy is who can talk like that in such country; well he is the most important face to emerge in Iranian politics in the wake of the stunning victories by the reformist, younger brother of president Mohammad Khatami but much stronger and gutsier and I believe it is all due to his wife who is a granddaughter of Ruhollah Khomeini- Mrs. Zahra Eshraqi.
He was born in Ardakan, in the central province of Yazd in 1959, 16 years younger that President Khatami. His father was a religious figure in Yazd, and after revolution Friday leader in the city. At the time of revolution Mohammad-Reza Khatami served for a while on the Tehran council of the Pasdaran (revolutionary Guards). He went to the front line during the Iraq-Iran war and he got wounded and then came back to Tehran and beginning medical school. He spent a year at Guy hospital in London and then he trained as a specialist in renal disorder; he became an assistant professor at Tehran university medical school.
After his brother elected as president in 1997, he became the deputy minister of health. In late 1998 he was one of the co-founder of the IIPF party, a party committed to supporting his older brother's reforms.
He is now a deputy speaker in the Majlis - the Iranian parliament - as well as secretary general of the Islamic Iran Participation Front (Jebheh-ye Mosharekat-e Iran-e Eslami).
Islamic Republic Newspaper: This is just the obedience silence, other wise we support the Atomic weapons
The most fanatic anti reformist news paper in Iran criticizes the fact that Iran confirms the nuclear accords despite the Ayatollah Khamenei‘s last week speech.Last week ayatollah Khamenei supported the government’s agreement to sign for the atomic protocol. In today’s paper, they demand for possessing atomic weapons as they write:
“There is a difference between possessing the nuclear weapon and using them, Koran talks about detain that is a consequence of possessing. In today’s world it is obvious that possessing nuclear weapon is to prevent the attacks from other colonialist countries; and this will lead the peace in the world. But if the whole world will be free of chemical and nuclear weapon we can rethink about this matter.”
“If we do not act and say anything is just because of the respect our leader and to obey him- ayatollah Khamenei. This big event is very significant and it is important to North countries and it is nothing but the influence of ayatollah Khamenei in Iran. It means if tomorrow our leader command us, our hatred will explode in order to have our nationalistic demands and any power will have the power to tolerate this explosion,” they say.
Well, I have to say that these hardliners have to pay attention to their threads, since their thread are increasing the pressure to Iran as we see today, I was chatting with one of my friend who is from Israel, I asked him how come they have such nuclear power and no one do not touch the and there is no international organization to put them under question to have the inspection by UN, he replied:” have you ever heard that we make any threads to any country? Have you ever heard Iran’s political figures speeches in the Friday Plagiarism? They made such threads and they have to be responsible for their own speech and action.”

November 08, 2003
Stephan Nolen and his model for a modern ayatollah (Ayatllah Saanei)
Reading the globe and mail (Canadian paper) on February 10th 2003, page A9, bold title:” The very model of a modern ayatollah” making me think about the background of this model. You see these conservatism ayatollahs are trying to deal with the North countries and they succeed so far. They have many assets in countries like Canada of France and therefore they are benefiting their economies, in return they have the financial organization and media. So they can be introduced as a model for Islam and modernization, without paying attention that Iran is a now proud of having its jails full of intellectuals and journalists. I have objection about judging Iran’s parliaments as an anti women rights as Stephan Nolen phrased in the brackets (Iran’s parliament has not passed the equal inheritance for women into law)
The fact is having a modern face without changing the core idea about Islam doesn’t mean that they are approaching the new ideology. Nolen who writes for Globe and Mail newspaper is certainly not aware of the fact that such ayatollah is still a fanatic theorecian for the hardliners in Iran; unknowingly introduce him as a modernist reflecting this image of this ayatollah at least to its Canadian readers.
I remember his interview and he said: “Mr. Bush who is trying to help the reformist in Iran is making it worth for people in Iran and we increased the pressure to people proportionally on Mr. Bush efforts”. This was the reply to supporting speech of Mr. Bush regarding Iran’s reforming movements.
I put the interview on this page, read it and you would be the judge:

Globe and Mail
Monday, February 10, 2003- page A9
The very model of a modern ayatollah

Islam is a faith that can move with the times, says one of Iran’s most senior religious figure. Stephan Nolen Reports from Qom

By Stephan Nolen

The grand ayatollah frowned briefly and reaches for the sugar bowl. He arranged it in a line with his cup of tea, a bookmark and his reading glasses, the sat back, satisfied: He land the tools he needed to illustrate the pure justice of Islam.
Yusuf Saanei, one of the most senior religious figures in Iran, had graciously agreed to meet with a foreign visitor in his office in the holy city Qom. The grand ayatollah wore a white turban and a blue serge “suit,” rather like an elongate smoking jacket, beneath a brown cloak. He sat cross-legged on a pink-flowered bed sheet atop an antique Persian carpet. Several pictures of his mentor, ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, decorated the rows of bookcase behind him.
The conversation began with the question of whether Iran’s experience as a modern theocracy has been a success—it is 24 years ago tomorrow that ayatollah Khomeini’s supporters declared the Islamic republic. Ayatollah Saanei, a favored pupil of ayatollah Khomeini’s, eventually was elevated to top posts in the new government. “People still believe and like ayatollah Khomeini’s ideas about Islamic government,” he said/
Although he declined to spell them out, he did acknowledge that the revolutionary state has not been without problems. Iran’s economy is faltering, unemployment is above 20 percent, and the clerics continue to repress the media and dissent.
“Some of the problems go back to some individuals who knowingly or unknowingly are acting against the polivy of religion,” ayatollah Saanei said diplomatically. Ayatollah Khomeini died of a hear attack in 1989, and “ if he were here today and if he had participate in the growth of people’s mentality, he would have been able to prevent some of the problems.
“But we believe that he would not be upset by the natural mistakes people make. Perhaps he would be upset by the influence of certain people.”
That sounds remarkably like a political statement, of precisely the kind the ayatollah’s aides had insisted he would not make. Which people did he mean? “That is for you to observe in the society,” he said, then grinned at his cagey sidestep.
The conversation turned to the suitability of Islam as a political system. Islam – in particular the Iranian interpretation of it – is the only faith that puts itself forward as a system of government, and the ayatollah’s position, naturally enough, is that it is the best one, because of its inherent justice.
“For Example,” he said, a bit provocatively, “the Koran says a woman should inherit half of what her brother does. Does this seem fair? “
Well, no, it doesn’t. Out came the sugar bowl, which the ayatollah said would represent the women; the tea cup was her brother; the other bits and pieces their inheritance. He launched into his example, shuffling the bits around. “Imagine there is $3 in the estate. The Koran says that what a woman inherits is for her. She owns that 1$.” Her brother gets 2$. But when he marries and his family, the Koran says that he must provide for his family, and his wife is entitle to half of what he has. Similarly, woman ends up with 1$ from him,” he said.
So women, in fact, come out ahead.
“They shouldn’t complain,” he said.
It’s a tidy explanation. It may have worked 1400 years ago in the city of Medina, when the Koran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. But what about Iran today, where plenty of women have jobs? Don’t they deserve equal inheritance, rather than a husband’s handout?
“If the woman wants to work, this is fine, but it’s written that the husband must provide for the children,” the ayatollah said firmly, playing his trump card: The Koran says so.
The debate was a classic example of the way Shia Muslim thought is taught here: Young seminarians are encouraged to vigorously debate the ayatollah.
“Interpreting Koran is a science, and like many other science, there are different ways and methods to interpret it,” he explained.
But this tradition of debate underlies a key cause of instability in the Islamic Republic.
Shiaism is a minority religion: Iran is the lone Shia-majority state in the Muslim world. Elsewhere, Sunni Muslims dominate. The idea of being dissenter – those who believe the 12th Imam will return to save humanity – is a central to the faith. Yet the clerics who rule Iran today have chosen to stifle all critical debate when it comes to their government, a factor that accounts for much of the contemporary dissatisfaction.
Ayatollah Saanei has chosen to remove him self from the political fray to concentrate on jurisprudence. He recently issued a series of ruling that include a decision that nothing in the Koran bars women from serving as judge (in Iran, they currently can’t) and another that inheritances for women should be equal, not half, of what they are from men. (Iran’s parliament has not passed this into law.)
“Islam is a religion that can move with the times,” he said – the half –as-much rule was based on the era when only men worked, but plenty of women work today, so their death costs their family as much as a man’s.
Indeed, the ayatollah is a man of the modern world. He has we page and needs a staff of 10 handle the 200 e-mails queries he receives each day from around the world.
“If I had a chair that I could sit above the whole world to address the six billion people and tell them about Islam, you would see,” he said, laughing again. “There would be seven billion Muslims.”

Islam, Men and Terror? Such stereotype...
Sitting in the theatre and watching a movie called “ Two Women” by Tahmineh Milani, there was a lady sitting next to me crying all long movie. Hearing her sobbing and blaming Iranian men made me think about these serious stereotypes of Iranian men ruining our reputation in and out of the country. Even though she was showing two different classes in the society in her movie, she really misled the viewers as she mostly concentrated on the bad character. I was sure that she was smart enough to distinguish the gender and characteristic of viewers. At the end of the movie the lady disappeared without bothering saying goodbye, but I had this honor to have few words with the director. “ Well done, Mrs. Milani. It was a great movie, the camera and dialogues were magnificent.” I said, and gently continued “ but, don’t you think by over emphasis on the bad guy’s character and kind of ignoring the good guy who apparently was very supportive, loving and caring to his wife, you influenced such unfair tool for the rest of people who would judge us-Iranian men- right after watching this movie? Don’t you think by this kind of stereotyping you put us under question marks in their heads!”
I was very sad, discussed by the looks I got, amazed by crying girls who were waiting for a moment to get an autograph. “Let them put Iranian men under question marks, that is no problem” she replied. I was amazed by this respond, and she had this egoistic smile on her face. Other people around her shook their hair in a way they are all agreed; this bloody answer was slap to my face. I thought I might be wrong, maybe she did not count in me as an Iranian man, and maybe I looked too young to be in that group. But I wish I were right in this hypothesis. “ Well, when the director of my country have this philosophy beyond her movie, I have nothing further to say!!!” I replied while I had the urge to get out that place and have a cigarette.

I was kind of ashamed, not ashamed of being an Iranian man, but ashamed of being. This kind of shame was not something new. I remember I had it many more times. Few years ago this feeling conquered me for couple of days after watching “not without my daughter” movie back home in Iran. Such immoral traveler to Iran whose name is Betty Moody wrote such nonsense memoir and those Americans made a stupid action movie of it. It really bothered me to be a human being and have the guts to do some thing like this to other people, other culture and other’s faith.
I was sitting in the Chapters bookstore, reading a book and having coffee. I saw the girl, she passed by me and I stood up. “ Hello” I said. “Do you mind for a coffee?” I asked. She did not, there me having a coffee and trying to gather some information from my cortex, sort them out while she was talking about herself and her career. “ Let me explain something, last time I saw you, you were emotionally touched by that movie I guess, so I did not have the chance to say goodbye to you”. She smiled and tries to avoid answering that comment.
“ I do not have a sister, but I have lots of cousins who I count on them as my sisters, we did not suffer from patriarchy in out family, you know, I was not raised to be in this westernized Muslim men category”. Then I invited her to have a look at history. “ You know, feminism is the event in modernity. It was 19th century that after ZANDIANS Iran had to choose a way to move on with this modernity. We had only two ways, one way –like Japan- restructuring the culture and reforming the society and government and the other way that we have chosen or forced to it was an influence of colonialism in that period. Religion was used to develop the tradition and countries like Britain stayed in business in Iran by OLAMA ’s help and support. The TAFSIRS and REWAYAS that OLAMAS developed by that time circulated ideas like polygamies and gender discrimination between people as OLAMA declared these were SONNAT. At the same time west did not hesitate to implement such images of Muslim men as slavers and terrorist” I finished these statement and start having some coffee. Then I went to find the not without my daughter book and came back. She was still there and reading some newspaper. Then I said:” read the cover, just the cover would give you the idea”. Then I opened the book to page 15 and asked her to read it and then give me her idea. “ No, it is not true, this is all lie, we are not like that, we do not eat worms, we do not practice savagery at the table when we are eating!” she said. “Exactly, so no wonder when I got to Canada people were asking me if we had TV at home, or they would be surprised when I told them I own a Mercedes Benz in Iran. So you see, this is an image of what they have from my country, of my culture, of my people….” And sadly I took a moment of silence.
It was a crowded place; too bad I could not smoke. “ My dear friend, but don’t be disappointed, there were many men in Iran who supported feminism, without them women wouldn’t survive up to this level. For instance president Khatami assigned a woman as his consulter. As a matter of fact, women and youngster were his main supporter since he debated issues over women and their right with his competitors.”
I told her about the man who wrote for many years in women magazine about women’s issues and problems in the society, about their rights, and he finally got caught and arrested.
“ If you have time to watch Makhmalbaf Movies, you notice that feminism is his issue and he is supporting it, in one of his movies, Time for being in love, he tried to show what women suffer when it comes to have true love. He showed forces marriage and patriarchy and its conflictions with true love and he tried to look at it at 3 angles, tradition, modernity and post modernity.”
I wanted to add Ayatollah Khomeini as feminism, but believe this characteristic of his was just a tool to get supports and get the power, as we all know revolution in Iran would be a massacre if women wouldn’t get involved. Now, when he got in power he ordered for forced veiling as many of his supporters did not like, but it was too late. Khomeini believed in Islam as a revolution and an ideology, when ideology and revolution both belong to modernity as he was against modernity. François Miteran- former prime minister of France- said this revolution has put Iran 300 years behind.
Getting back to my discussion with the lady who is originally Iranian, and now having some biscuit with some coffee and I assume thinking about my statements, “ Did you know that Farah- the princess of Iran- had power over Shah and she had influence on his decision?” I kind of raised my voice, trying to get her attention. “ Well, she had. And she was involved in many movements fighting for women’s rights. Even Reza khan experienced feminism, by forcing women to unveil. He thought veiling is the major characteristic that prevents women’s collaboration in society. He was different. Ata Turk did the same thing in Turkey, and even king of Afghanistan asked his wife to appear unveiled in the public -after their return from European trip- to be a model for the rest of women. These people believed in modernity and therefore some of them support women and their right just to imitate westerns and some could manage to fight for women’s right through the facts of Islam, which were hidden and still are.”
Last drop of my coffee and time to go, but still experiencing an unknown feeling, am I clear, does she get me, and oh my head is spinning. I’d better go, so we shook hands and I said “paayandeh bashid”

November 07, 2003
Mrs. Shirin Ebadi and her new responsibilities
Well, she is the Noble award winner, she removes her scarf while she is not in Iran, she shakes hands to men in public which is absolutely illegal in Iran, and now she accepted to be Mrs. Zahra Kazemi’s Lawyer. I am sure she will succeed this case regardless she is now assigned to have bodyguards by government of Iran due to thousand of death thread she is getting by hour. I really recommend you to watch this case more closely, it will be quite interesting since the main suspect is Mr. Mortazawi and she is brave enough to call him to the court. I will update this page through this matter indeed.
Iran’s government wouldn’t put her down since they are now very careful with Europe and their relationship, believe it or not if she was not supported by Europe she would be some where else by now after all her reaction. She actually served jail for a period of time because of the NAWAARSAZAN case, but she survived and she did very well.

led, operated and executed by Iran
Fact: North countries educate such fellows in their universities, I say this because Mr. Hadi Soleimanpour is not the only one who is studying in Britain and at the same time being a member of a terrorist group.
The Witness C whose identity is known to be Mr. Abolghasem Mesbahi says that Iran planned for The attack on a Jewish center building on July 18, 1994 left a total of 86 people dead and more than 500 injured. What is his real identity and how reliable the source is really under question, any one can say such thing and since this is and abut Oriental people and government, most of the time it would be accepted. I can refer you to other source who is now revealing top secret and his name is Mr. Farshad Ebrahimian. Talking about being a former worker and revealing secrets, we have Mr. Ganji who is now in jail , however this man did not cover his face or identity and he did not run away from Iran and then revealing top secrets. in my opinion the person who want to witness any thing or who wants to reveal any secret, first he has to be brave, otherwise there is a high chance to influence this person and edit his/her claims. Paying attention to witness C dialogue: “As for the reason for the attack, Mesbahi said it was intended to avenge the Argentine government's failure to supply nuclear materials to Iran, as promised in the past� might gives this impression that he is using an issue that is very up to date in order to get attention and proving his statement.
Please do not get it wrong, I am not saying that Iran's Government is not guilty, in fact this is up to judge, all I am saying is politic issues can sometimes conflict with honesty and nationalism settlements. I believe in these matters, the whole chain should be seen and judged and Orientalist issues should be kept in minds.

Mr. Mortazawi is proud of butchering journalists and violating human rights.
At least someone is proud of conditions in Iran' jails.
Mr. Mortazavi said doors would be open to any journalist or inspectors, in fact he forgot to mention that he himself would give company with visitors in order to make sure speeches and confessions would be desirable for Iranian Islamic justice system. Interestingly enough it was not while ago when Zahra Kazemi- Iranian Canadian journalist- wanted to make an image of Mr. Mortazavi achievements for the whole world in front of Evin jail and got killed by justice system. He kindly sends his invitation to international and certified journalists to go to Iran and get killed proudly. I have to say that this is a shame for UN to give him a chance to express his ideas. This is a shame for North countries to have such guy in their education system; this is a shame for us to let such person ruling out our country-Iran.

November 06, 2003
AliReza Jabbari is back to prison
AliReza Jabbari who is one of the scholar in Iran and a member of Iranian authors, got back to jail after 2 months break. He is not in a healthy shape as his wife claimed; he is suffering lung infection disease. He also has a tumor in his leg and in need to do the MRI.
I guess this is time for Mr. Mortazawi to announce developing steps on freedom and Islamic justice debate.
Women and the struggle for peace in the Middle East
Montreal-Concordia University Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, marking its 25th anniversary, and Alternatives
Keynote Speakers:
Dr. JalehShaditalab and Ms. Shahla Abawi
Dr. Shaditalab, a founding member of the Tehran University Centre for Research on Women from Iran, and Ms. Shahla Abawi, a member of the Afghan Housewives Organization from Afghanistan, will speak about their first-hand experience with U.S. policy in the Middle East.
Panel: From Kabul to Bagdad;
10:00 am to 11:45am
Theme: Women and the Aftermath of Military Interventions:
Panel on Iran
1:00 pm to 2:45 pm
Theme: Women under Washington’s Pressure for Regime Change in
Panel : Women and Washington’s Foreign Policy
3:00 p.m. to 4:45pm
Theme: North American Women’s Views on Washington’s Foreign Policy
Sunday, November 23, 2003, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Room H-110, Hall Building, Concordia University, 1455 de Maisonneuve W., Montreal.
For more information contact Roksana Bahramitash

Hardliners are against art and culture
"Tehran Municipality’s managers are waiting for day when culture houses are closed and function as mosques" Behrouz Afkhami- MP of Iran- said in his pre-agenda speech today. He claims that fundamentalists are scared of artistic and cultural activities.
Well, this is an alert for people in Iran to collaborate for seventh parliamentary polls in early 2004. Hardliners are now convinced that they will win that election as they did in municipality election last year. Since reformist could not play a powerful political role in Iran and could not fulfill their promises, people got disappointed and decided not to collaborate in that election. As a result hardliners got in action and succeeded to win the municipality in Tehran. Now, there are rumors that they even want to turn each square on the street of Tehran to cemetery for martyred for the Iran-Iraq war.
Keep thinking
Iran and Democracy? Dream or just a theory?
Iran to become Key Regional Power by 2025.
Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei forwarded the strategic document themed “Iran Prospects for Next 20 Years" to head of three branches of the government and chairman of the State Expediency Council.
As it says, Iran will be the toppest country and posses top positions economically and scientifically in the region by 2025. It claims that Iran will have a religious-oriented democracy founded on social justice, legitimate freedoms and human right.
May god leave Iran in peace and give it safety and security.

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