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November 16, 2003
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November 15, 2003
Iran, soccer and terror!
There are rumors saying Iran is a Terrorist country and supports Terror, but it is not true, and I have proofs.
Iran doesn’t consider terror and do not believe in its existence in the country, therefore there is no need for searching or controlling people for guns and explosive materials. Searching people for this matter is an action with no consideration about their reputations and personalities. However checking people for video cassettes, audio cassettes, cds, alcoholic beverages, and clothes or even the hair style, is just for their safety due the psychological and cultural war against USA. Iran is a victim of Terror and the recent event is a proof as the firecracker landed near North Korean players at Wednesday's return leg between Iran and North Korea in Tehran; as a result Iran might be penalized for not searching people and it faces being banned from hosting international football matches. As long as Iran is concerned, there is no need to search people for firecrackers or even bombs; there is no need to go after people who were responsible for that event, there is no need to go after shooters to Britain Embassy which took place few months ago. The world supports Iran since no one, no country put Iran under pressure for having the responsible groups arrested; Great Britain did release Mr. Hadi Soleimanpour according to the personal demand from prime minister. So when international organizations and political figures have documents and believe that Iran is innocent, why others are trying to ruin this identity?
Here, I have to mention that there are still some concerns in Iran and government put strong demands on searching people such as: people who drinks or listen to certain kind of music or playing an instrument, people who has dogs or cats, men who has long hair and women who has short hair, people who has audio and video cassettes, people who reads foreigner’ magazine and newspaper, people who surf internet more that 30 minutes per day, poets, writer, Noble Prize winners….

November 14, 2003
Contractors! Volunteers! Muslim People are awake.
Today’s Friday worship was kind of especial, it was held at the Tehran Mosalla. Ayatollah Khamenei –supreme leader pf Iran- delivered this ceremony. He claimed the major thing in Islam is Palestine. He kind of forgot the whole problem and insiders dilemmas in Iran and he accused United States of America to be responsible for the gap between the people and governors in Iran. He also encouraged the anti American anger in Middle East and he considered the Bush’s policy as a failure. I was kind of amazed of the crowd, then I looked at the images and I notices most of them are rural class who were sent to Tehran for this ceremony. The fact is there are still many people in Iran who are supporting hardliners, they are armed and it is kind of possible for the rest to go against them. However the Arabic countries like Algeria or Sudan are sending troop to Tehran as an anti riot force, you can see them in Tehran. The reason for importing the force from Arabic countries is the lesson they got from Iran’s military during the revolution, they noticed that Iranian soldiers can barely kill their own country fellows. “U.S. troops are being slapped in the face every day by Iraqis,” he added and made the heroic images of the Iraqis who killed about 2 millions Iranian people during Iran-Iraq war. I am sure even Iraqis are confused now that they were condemned and invaders before and now they are heroes.
Khamenei also used his mosque sermon to defend Iranian hard-line authorities who have cracked down on reformist publications, saying U.S. backers in Iran are seeking to use the country's press to bring down the ruling Islamic establishment. He also accused reformist journals provoking a psychological war against Iran to get paid by US or voluntarily.
Last thing I want to mention is his Palestinian shawl was not set like his usual appearance and he tried to hide it in the back as you see in the picture.
Note: Our forein policy is improving everday as OUR leader said: "Who the hell are they to talk about democracy when Americans have occupied Iraq against the nation's will" in his today's speech.

petition for Ahmad Batebi
Dear readers, if you know Ahmad Batebi (you can find some info about him on my page) is you think you can spare tow minutes to sign the petition, please do so by clicking here.
You can listen to his father’s voice regarding his son’s kidnapping by clicking here.
And aslo you can find more article and lates news about him by...........
OH! Really?? we have plutonium? kidding me!
I was reading an article by Mr. Hosein Derakhshan today; he thinks that our president was not aware of possessing plutonium by his own country. Well I guess that was not the case and our president was certainly aware of it. What we see every day, in newspaper, on line, in TV is not the clear image of the whole political issues going through a government; Mr. President actually blamed the UN report few days ago and accused their report to be intentional. His conservatism politic at least helped him survived for 7 years to generate secular and pluralistic idea in Iran and express them in the whole world; hid ideas are honored by countries like Turkey. For us-Iranian people- well, we have a great history in the future but now we to struggle with the down warding economic system (hunger) and extremely religious justice system (lack of freedom). I am sure that Mr. President has his own icons in the system to show some action like his brother or Mr. Hajjarian.
In a country, a president has the control or at least knowledge of the major and parallel systems.

I am not the leader of women, I do not want to be.... please leave me alone.
Shirin Ebadi who has recently won the peace Noble prize is now tired of the whole raising tumult with journalists and photographers. She said that she would continue her works through human rights and its issues, not feministic propagandas. She strongly claimed that she was not female’s leader.
She said in an interview with Emrooz News website that women rights is under influence of patriarchy’s culture in Iran; like before revolution there were 100 female judge practicing in the justice system, but in Islamic Iran they do not allow to work as judge. The reason beyond that: women are unstable and emotional and suffering menstruation affects their mood and mental order. She conservatively sent her regards to Iran’s Islamic justice system and appreciating the revolutionary existence of to women in the whole system as the consultants in appeal courts.
She believed that Islam should have a soft interpretation due to the time and place and she referred to Islamic scholars in Iran who are working on this issue these days, so in this interview she did not see any problem with the Islam, in fact she blamed the mannish perspective to laws in Islam as she referred to the mulct (blood-money) which for females are half of the males and she blamed the Iran’s parliament which passed it as a law. “Ayatollah Saanei is a great scholar in Islam and he also claimed that blood-money should be equal for men and women, and no one can doubt ayatollah Saanei’s level of divine science! Because he was directly chosen by Ayatollah Khomeini as a chief of judiciary system after revolution!!!” she added.
I put an interview of Ayatollah Saanei on this blog on November 8th 2003 which I recommend it to you to read.
“I don’t blame men directly at this point, I believe it is the culture. When I say patriarchic culture, I do not mean men directly, because even though women are victims of this culture, they are playing a major role to generate this culture” she replied when she was asked if she was against men. She made an example of hemophilia disease which generating through female chromosomes (XX) to the male offspring (XY). So she considers the culture as a disease, female carrier and male affected and affecting others. Interestingly enough she did not blame this disease on religion and Islam, but she forgot that she mentioned at the beginning of the interview she said the Islamic revolution had negative impacts on women right such as the ability to practice on the justice system as judges for females. She claims Islam has the equality message to all human being.
I have to add that Mrs. Ebadi has been practicing law for about 30 years and she has about 11 books published world-wide, but she is absolutely taking no responsibilities on political issues and try to avoid them in her life. Well, that’s up to her, but giving credits to some matters land system that is now under question in the whole world would give this impression that she is working and fighting for nothing, if she thinks that after revolution women rights becomes a dilemma how she wants to solve it in the revolution. It seems to me that she can see the end, nothing would change in this country and we will be all slavers to this religious system.

November 12, 2003
Who is responsible for Ahmad Batebi's life? International organization or Our Islamic Justice System?
Mr. Ahmad Batebi who is (a student) in jail for his major role (as they say) in street protest four years ago has disappeared after meeting a senior United Nations Official in Tehran as his father’s reported.
How he was convicted? In 1999, student protest, a student with bloody shirt of an injured friend got attention of one photographer and his photo published worldwide, since Iran’s government reads foreigner’s journals, they saw this picture and they arrested this poor guy, he was accused of endangering national security. He was originally sentenced to death but later reduces to 10 years jail time after an appeal and worldwide petition. Now another foreigner factor has added the spice to his situation and he was kidnapped after meeting Mr. Ligabo. It is very obvious that judiciary officials are involved to this kidnapping since chief of the Iran judiciary system –Ayatollah Namazi- has recently accused the human rights officials from UN as threads to Iran and called them shameless people.
The point is if government‘s official ask the international organizer to have a visit from Iran’s jails, but they did not mean they could guarantee prisoners safety after any interview, a fellow like Batebi is a victim of our ridiculous international affairs, it is well known that we –Iranian people- are paying for any international pressure on Iran’s government. Yet it is important to make a note that we all see the need of their presence in Iran since there is no other way to negotiate with these Islamic fundamentalists.

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